X-Men Is Proving Marvel's Most Cynical Costume

Marvel's X-Men are known in the comics for their bright, individual uniforms that feel oddly out-of-place when paired up with the rest of the company's superheroes. While the mutant team occasionally charges into battle wearing matching uniforms (see the very first "first class" team of mutants in Uncanny X-Men #1 for one example), they more often than not stand out in a crowd, the red X logo being used as the only shared symbol among the team. But Ultimates Annual #2 makes a point for these costumes - while attacking the suits used in Fox's X-Men film series at the same time.

The classic blue-and-yellow color scheme, codified in Uncanny X-Men #1, eventually gave way to more individualized costumes. From Giant-Sized X-Men #1 in 1975 onward, the team's uniforms would be unique, and while some would incorporate the blue-and-yellow - Wolverine and Cyclops are prime examples - others would adopt white capes (Storm), the flag of their home nations (Sunfire), and occasionally the bare minimum of costumes (Beast). The X-Men's unique costumes all came to a head with 2021's Hellfire Gala event, in which the characters' suits became even more elaborate and ostentations. In Ultimates Annual #2, Nick Fury creates a new wave of superhumans, each based on a season of the Earth - Summer, Winter, etc. During Summer's costume fitting, the hero in question wears a blue-and-yellow bodysuit with a busy, almost floral-inspired design, and he considers it effeminate. "Why can't I have black leathers and stuff like superheroes have in their movies?" asks Summer. Fury responds that the Matrix films ruined black leather, and "...Summer means blue skies and golden rays." Fury is absolutely right, but he may have changed the title of the ruining series of films in question.

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Bryan Singer's 2000 X-Men film, while fondly remembered, ditched the colorful costumes in favor of black leather for the entire team with only minimal amounts of color. Wolverine even expresses his disinterest in the film, to which Cyclops responds "What would you prefer - a yellow spandex?" The smash success of the Hellfire Gala has perhaps proven Cyclops wrong, as comic book fans respond positively to colorful costumes as opposed to featureless black armor devoid of any emblems of sigils.