Resident Evil Show Cracks Netflix

Resident Evil's opening arc is set in 2036, where Jade Wesker finds herself in the underbelly of a post-apocalyptic world. With zombies and monsters galore, corruption runs rampant among the few survivors, but Jade is determined to go back home to her daughter. The 2036 timeline is interwoven with younger Jade's storyline, which takes place in the year 2022. While young Jade and her sister, Billie, get accustomed New Raccon City neighborhood, they learn that their father works at a sinister corporation, one that will eventually be responsible for setting off Resident Evil's central zombie outbreak.

Toward the end of Resident Evil season 1, the series hints at the origins of its apocalypse and Jade's daughter's strange abilities. In addition, it also drops Ada Wong's name into the mix, confirming that the source material's character will potentially play a vital role in season 2. With so much going on in season 1's climax, there sure is a lot to look forward to in Netflix's Resident Evil season 2.

Premiere on the streaming platform, Netflix has revealed how well the Resident Evil show fared in its opening weekend. The adaptation of the Capcom video game franchise clocked in over 72 million hours viewed, putting it in the No. 2 spot on its Top 10 list across 92 countries. Resident Evil lost the No. 1 spot to Stranger Things season 4, which held firm with over 102 million hours viewed this past weekend. Netflix, the fact that Resident Evil not only cracked Netflix's Top 10 but also came in at No. 2 in its opening weekend may come as a surprise to some. While critics have been more favorable to the series than the Resident Evil movies, fans of the video game franchise have been openly dismissive about the latest effort to adapt the source material, with some comparing it to the teenage dramas of The CW's programming roster while others have expressed frustrations at the explanation of Albert Wesker's return following his canonical death in the games. This negative reception has seen Resident Evil get one of the lowest Rotten Tomatoes audience scores in the site's history, clocking in at a dismal 25 percent approval rating.

Resident Evil show may be encouraged to hear that it cracked Netflix's Top 10 in its opening weekend. The series ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger with a number of plot threads left to be explored in future seasons, including the arrival of iconic video game character Ada Wong, and should the series remain strong in its viewership numbers over the next couple of weeks, Netflix could very well feel confident enough to greenlight season 2. For those eager to help boost the show's chances, Resident Evil is available to stream in its entirety on Netflix now.

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The new Resident Evil show cracks Netflix's Top 10 in its debut weekend in 92 countries, falling short of Stranger Things season 4 at No. 1. The new Resident Evil show has cracked Netflix's Top 10 in 92 countries. Developed by Supernatural alum Andrew Dabb, the series marks the second TV adaptation of Capcom's video game franchise after fellow Netflix project Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which was created and produced directly by the publisher. Constantin Film, who holds the rights to all live-action adaptations of the property, have helped produce Resident Evil with Netflix and Amalgamated Nonsense.

Resident Evil centers on Jade and Billie, half-twin teenage sisters who move with their father, Dr. Albert Wesker, to the recently built New Raccoon City, now headquarters to the Umbrella Corporation and where Wesker continues his dark experiments. The series also picks up 14 years in the future in which Jade, grown up and haunted by her past, fights to try and stop the T-virus outbreak that has decimated the world's population, leaving just over 300 million people alive across the world. Lance Reddick leads the cast of Resident Evil as Albert Wesker alongside Ella Balinska as adult Jade, Tamara Smart as teenage Jade, Adeline Rudolph as adult Billie, Siena Agudong as teenage Billie and Paola Núñez as Umbrella owner Evelyn Marcus.

Resident Evil season 1 sets up many intriguing story arcs for its post-apocalyptic world and characters. Here's everything we know about season 2. Netflix's adaptation of Capcom's Resident Evil leaves enough room for season 2 — here's everything we know about it. There are enough name-drops from the Resident Evil games in the Netflix series to please fans of the original. At the same time, the show also finds its own place among other zombie-centric post-apocalyptic thrillers with its unique self-sustaining storylines. While its overarching plot only scratches the surface of the original lore, the white-knuckling gory action and character development in its eight episodes draw a clear picture of its scalability in the future.

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