New In Cameron Diaz Recreates There's Something About Mary Hair

Cameron Diaz has recreated her hairstyle from There’s Something About Mary in a new video. The 1998 gross-out comedy was directing duo Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s third film, arriving just two years after the box office failure of their bowling comedy Kingpin. Not only was There’s Something About Mary a major hit, but it also became the Farrellys highest-grossing film, outperforming the tremendous success of their 1994 Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels led hit, Dumb and Dumber. In the nearly quarter-century since There’s Something About Mary was released, the Farrellys have yet to come close to repeating its success with their other releases. There’s plenty of room for debate regarding why this might be, but the simplest answer points to gross-out comedy having run its course for the time being. This isn’t to say that the genre couldn’t strike gold again, but it’s hard to imagine it having a greater run than what the Farrelly’s have managed to accomplish. The laughs in There’s Something About Mary drew on concepts and scenarios never seen before in mainstream comedy, and even today, the film’s raunchiness makes it distinctly stand out in the genre.

Arguably one of There’s Something About Mary’s raunchiest comedic moments occurs just before Ted (Ben Stiller) goes out on a long-awaited date with high school crush, Mary (Diaz). The scene involves some nervous preparation on Ted’s part, culminating in what could best be described as misplaced bodily fluids. As if that weren’t bad enough, the gross-out ante is significantly upped when Mary discovers the misplaced fluids on Ted’s ear, misconstruing them for hair gel. The scene kept audiences in stitches and now Diaz has recreated the resulting hairstyle from the film in a new video post via her Instagram account.

Diaz, who retired from acting after 2014’s Annie reboot, enjoyed a career that afforded her access to a wide range of genres. Nonetheless, no film on her resumé has provided her with as much recognition as There’s Something About Mary has. The film was a genuine product of its time, delivering a brand of comedy that couldn’t easily be recreated today. Perhaps then, that’s what will endear so many fans to this recent There’s Something About Mary hairstyle recreation video. It’s not exactly typical iconic Hollywood stuff, but then again, neither was There’s Something About Mary. Both the film and its warped sense of humor created a fanbase that is completely capable of cherishing the absurd. As for the Farrelly brothers, it’s been a while since they delivered something that audiences couldn’t get enough of. Their attempt to bring back Dumb & Dumber with a 2014 sequel failed to hit the mark, proving that there wasn’t much mileage in following up the duo’s past hits. There hasn’t been much talk over the years of a There’s Something About Mary sequel, however, meaning that those who’ve been wanting one might just have to settle for this recent but brief return to Diaz’s Mary character.

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