Nightwing's Love Triangle Will Never End

The back and forth between Nightwing and his two greatest loves may never actually end and two conflicting opinions from the Flash prove it. Wally West has recently given Dick Grayson some relationship advice, but just months earlier, he was expressing quite a different opinion to another hero. The conventionally attractive Dick Grayson has been breaking hearts for years, but two women are regarded as his greatest loves: his longtime ally and Bat-Family associate, Batgirl, and his Teen Titans comrade Starfire. Each one has fought by Nightwing's side and know the former Boy Wonder intimately. While Dick and Kory were once on the precipice of married, they never tied the knot, leaving Dick stuck in a love triangle fans have hotly debated for years. Now, as Dick wrestles with his feelings for Barbara, it seems that even his best friend can't decide on who Nightwing should ultimately end up with.

Wally West and Dick Grayson have a heart to heart about the latter's feelings for Barbara in Nightwing #91 by Tom Taylor and Geraldo Borges. The Flash attempts to assuage his friend's fears about becoming close with others and tells Dick that he shouldn't let danger prevent him from forming a life with Barbara (especially since they're already sharing one). It's a nice moment with Wally telling Dick that he and Barbara both deserve to be happy. However, the moment comes off a bit two-faced considering just months ago in Teen Titans Academy #9, Wally West was shown surprised that Starfire and Dick weren't together, saying he had always liked the two as a couple.

The first time the two series have had a conflict regarding Dick Grayson's love life. Starfire and Nightwing were shown to be romantically interested in one another in Teen Titans Academy, with the two even going on a date night. At the same time, it was being strongly implied in Nightwing's own series that feelings were beginning to brew between Dick and Barbara. Starfire's reaction to Wally in Teen Titans Academy #9 seems to put where Nightwing's feelings lie to bed, but it certainly calls into question how the Flash genuinely feels about the love triangle. Wally West opinions are obviously what the writer needs them to be at the moment, and with Nightwing and Teen Titan's Academy being penned by different authors, inconsistencies are to be expected. But the shift speaks to how even creators in charge of the directions of these heroes have their own thoughts and feelings about who characters should be with. Some writers may prefer Bat-shipping while others are are Nightwing/Starfire supporters all the way. Even as it looks like Dick and Barbara are about to take the leap in their relationship, other writers down the line may feel Kory is a better fit for Dick. The Flash's shifting opinions on Nightwing's romantic partners may be the best example of why the highly contentious love triangle is never going to be resolved.

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