Added to Movie The Invisible Man in Action Figure Universal NECA’s

NECA has been one of the premiere companies for high quality figures over the last decade, especially if you are a movie lover and are a fan of the horror genre. Over the last few years the famous toy company has been making some amazing figures based on the Universal Monsters. So far they have done Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Dracula, and The Mummy. Now NECA has announced that The Invisible Man will be joining the original monster squad very soon. The announcement was made on NECA’s Instagram and was the first reveal of their Monster MAYham month. They did not show much, but the two images of their Ultimate Invisible Man will excite any horror fan. The first image presents a table with items that will be very familiar to any rabid Invisible Man junkie. On the table we have a textbook, a vial full of formula, goggles, a fake nose, and a wig. The other image puts The Invisible Man front and center. The figure is all wrapped in bandages, wearing his goggles, fake nose, and wig to hide his current condition. Like in the film, the figure is obsessed with creating a formula to become visible again.

This figure is based on the 1933 Universal film that was adapted from the H.G. Wells novel of the same name. In the film, Dr. Jack Griffin discovers the potion to become invisible, but there is one deadly side effect. The longer you are invisible, the more you are driven mad and Griffin becomes very bloodthirsty as time goes on.



While the amazing 2020 remake is how most people recognized this franchise, the original should not be overlooked. The 1933 film was this satisfying descent into madness that was elevated by the hauntingly gothic direction of James Whale who also directed other classics like Frankenstein and its masterful sequel The Bride of Frankenstein. On top of that, a magnificent lead performance from Claude Rains satisfyingly rips a hole through your psyche. What Rains brings to this role with just his voice is so scary and chilling. You barely see him in the film, but his screen presence is felt and the anxiety of not knowing where he was at any given time was terrifying. Also, the effects of the film still hold up to this day and how they pulled off the invisible effect in 1933 is just mind-blowing. This gothic tale was another early horror film, like The Mummy, that could be considered a precursor to the slasher sub-genre. The body count in this film is extremely high and there are a ton of thrilling sequences for modern genre fans to sink their teeth into.

Even in the classic monster conversation, The Invisible Man does not get enough love, but it is arguably one of the best films Universal ever produced in that era. NECA has done an incredible job so far with their Universal Monster line. The Invisible Man is going to look right at home with his other monster colleagues. There is no release date or pre-order details yet, but it is a safe bet that The Invisible Man will get a ton of accessories and a classic black and white variant. Until we get more news on this spooky figure you can view NECA’s post on Instagram and visit their website to see their other blood-soaked figures.