Returning & New MCU Character Confirmed

The trailer for Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law not only gives a glimpse of She-Hulk's MCU origin and story but also reveals some of the primary returning and new MCU characters that are set to appear in the Disney+ series. Other than boasting an impressive array of characters and potential story arcs, the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer is jam-packed with Easter eggs and references to the grand scheme of things in the MCU. While, for now, only speculations can be drawn around most of these fan-targeted morsels, the characters confirmed in the trailer draw a clear picture of all the unsolved MCU plotlines She-Hulk: Attorney at Law intends to resolve and the new storylines it plans to create. For the most part, the trailer suggests that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will be a far cry from the MCU's Phase 4's relatively bleak tone and will rely heavily on humor instead of gravely serious melodrama. It gives a quick look at Jennifer Walters's day-to-day snags as a corporate lawyer and her struggles as the green-tinged She-Hulk version of herself. Interestingly, unlike Bruce Banner, Walters seems to strike the right balance between her personal and Gamma-powered superhero life. With incredible strength and savage wit, she also manages to carry her giant, green self in public with ease.

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Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk also briefly appears in the She-Hulk trailer, confirming that like the rest of his previous appearances in the MCU, he will again be a secondary protagonist, as he plays a key role in helping Jennifer Walters control her alter-ego. The She-Hulk trailer also features a few blink-or-miss-em cameos from Jameela Jamil as Titania, plus Frog-Man, and even Abomination. But even with so many revelations, the She-Hulk trailer keeps most of its overarching plot points — and most likely, even many of its characters — under the covers. Played by Tatiana Maslany, Jennifer Walters is a lawyer who, as the She-Hulk trailer suggests, is "the face the of the superhuman law division." Much to her dismay, she lives a complicated life where she must juggle her corporate job with her newfound shenanigans as the green giant superhero She-Hulk. In the trailer, Bruce Banner refers to her as his cousin, which affirms that She-Hulk will stick to the title character's comic book origins. Her herculean strength and frame in the comics come from an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce, which sends the Gamma-irradiated blood flowing through her veins.

Smart Hulk's appearance in She-Hulk evokes many questions surrounding the MCU's current timeline. Moreover, it is hard not to wonder if Bruce Banner has already sustained the arm injury from the Iron Man Gauntlet. In the She-Hulk trailer, Mark Ruffalo's Smart Hulk is more or less of a guiding force for his cousin and helps her gain more control over her newfound abilities. He might have a more significant role in the overarching plot of the 10-episode series, but considering his disenchanting past in the MCU, it is hard to predict what is in store for him.